Full Name: Nathaniel Felix Klein

Birthplace: Hampstead, London, 1977

Address: The Heron Building, Barbican, London EC2Y

Love Interest: Freja Larsen

Parents: Lord Leonard Klein, Pauline Klein

Siblings: Sam Klein, Rufus Klein

Other Family: Lady Davina Klein (stepmother), Benjamin & Joseph Klein (nephews), Kimberley Klein (sister-in-law), Virginia Farmer-Cook (stepsister)

Education: Oxford (1995-1999)

Current Workplace: TribeTech (CEO), Tribe Advertising (senior partner)

Former Workplaces: theatre group manager in LA, Klein & Co (business manager), KTech (CEO), BuzzPay (CEO), Beat the Boss TV Show (presenter)

Favourite Food: Italian

Favourite Drinks: whisky, tequila

Favourite Music: Marvin Gaye

Favourite Movie: Star Wars

Likes & Interests: Marvel comics, X-Men, playing poker, karate, taekwondo, Tom Clancy novels, Stephen King novels, horror movies

Dislikes: Abba, musicals

Personality: The “Entrepreneur” – gregarious, principled and decisive

Temperament: Earth, with a bit of Fire

Politics: liberal, centre-right

Style: corporate and professional 



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