Always You


He fell in love with the one girl he couldn’t have.

Ethan Fraser is going places. He has his career mapped out in front of him and the fact he gets to work with his best friend, Violet Archer, every day is the icing on the cake. Just one problem – he might be totally, utterly, madly in love with her. Did he say “might be”? Screw that. He is.

He also happens to be dating Zoe – the best-looking, most popular girl in the office. He’s tried to make it work, but he knows he’s a rubbish boyfriend. Did he say “rubbish”? Shrew that. He’s abysmal, catastrophic, hopeles . . .

Will Ethan ever pluck up the courage to tell Violet how he really feels about her? And, the question he’s most scared to ask, could Violet ever see him in that way?

Released: October 13th 2017

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Ethan Fraser