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The Agency series of novels, novellas and short stories is a rip-roaringly witty ride, intertwining the lives of a group of inspirational and relateable, 30-something women working in a fictitious London advertising agency.

Genre: Chick-lit / Romantic Comedy

Take a step back in time to explore the lives of some of your favourite characters from all of my book series. Books in this series are all standalone stories, but they’re also prequels.

Genre: New Adult

The School Run books are a venture into “mum” lit and are set in a fictitious north east England primary school. Follow a bunch of school mum rejects (along with their quirky kids) as they navigate schoolyard politics.

Genre: Chick-lit / Mum-lit

The Studio series brings the dazzling world of TV celebrity stardom to life. Filming in New York, our actors juggle newfound fame with sizzling on-screen (and off-screen) romance.

Genre: Romantic Comedy