The Agency Series

Just Friends - Book #1

Violet Archer has her dream job at one of London’s top advertising agencies, and the fact she gets to work with Ethan Fraser every day makes it even better. He’s the best friend a girl could have. And she’s never even noticed how hot he is. Nope. Definitely not.

When a big night out deteriorates into a great big mess, Violet’s world starts to wobble like a drunk giraffe on stilts. She’s caught in a web of secrets, none of which are hers. And maybe she is starting to notice how hot Ethan is, after all. And sweet and kind and… oh dear.

Has Violet fallen for her best friend? Can their friendship survive yet another secret? And, the question Violet is most scared to ask, could Ethan have feelings for her too?


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Released September 15th 2017

It's Complicated - Book #2

Violet Archer has an amazing new job and an amazing man.

She’d be dancing on the ceiling, if she didn’t have a pathological hatred of dancing. And if she wasn’t terrified of screwing up her first campaign as the creative director of a hot new ad agency. And if she didn’t have to keep her relationship with her totally hot best friend, Ethan Fraser, a secret. And if Ethan’s list of past conquests didn’t read like a Who’s Who of the bloody advertising industry.

Violet thought she and Ethan were a rock-solid team. But under the weight of all the secrecy, she feels their relationship – and herself – begin to crumble like a stale croissant. There’s no going back to when life was simpler and they had nothing to hide. But can Ethan and Violet find a way forward before it’s too late?


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Released April 3rd 2018

Second Chance - Book #3

Freja Larsen is at the top of her game: she’s an award-winning TV ad producer, she’s a senior creative in London’s hottest advertising agency, and she’s the life and soul of every party. She's far too busy with her fantastic career and fabulous friends to dwell on the fact that, eight years ago, she let the love of her life go to protect him from a devastating truth.

Nate Klein is now a millionaire businessman and TV star, not that Freja’s keeping track. He’s also Tribe’s newest and biggest client. And, Freja can’t help but notice, he’s still as heart-meltingly gorgeous as ever ...

But Nate believed the lie that tore Freja away from him all those years ago. As Freja is forced to confront the consequences of her silence, she can’t help but wonder what could have been if she’d only dared to fight for the man she loved. Is now, after all this time, the moment to find her voice?


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Released June 9th 2019

Forever You - Novella #4

Nate Klein is a drop-dead gorgeous TV star, the millionaire CEO of a cutting-edge tech company and a charismatic member of one of London's most powerful families. And now he has the woman he loves back in his life, he feels as if all his dreams have come true.

But when Freja came back to him, she revealed a devastating truth that led Nate to make a fateful decision. Now the consequences of Nate’s actions threaten to bring his career and his family to the brink of destruction.

Will Nate’s love for Freja be enough to see him through the storm? Or will the lie that once ripped them apart haunt them forever?


Released November 2019


Dream Wedding - Book #5

Violet & Ethan

Early 2020

The Agency Series - Short Stories

These short stories (approx 10-20k words) tie into the main Agency series of novels. Some of these books are free for mailing list subscribers, so make sure you sign up HERE.

Always You - Short Story #0.5

Ethan Fraser is going places. He has his career mapped out in front of him and the fact he gets to work with his best friend, Violet Archer, every day is the icing on the cake. Just one problem - he might be totally, utterly, madly in love with her. Did he say “might be”? Screw that. He is.

He also happens to be dating Zoe - the best-looking, most popular girl in the office. He’s tried to make it work, but he knows he’s a rubbish boyfriend. Did he say “rubbish?” Screw that. He’s abysmal, catastrophic, hopeless ...

Will Ethan ever pluck up the courage to tell Violet how he really feels about her? And, the question he is most scared to ask, could Violet ever see him in that way?


Released October 13th 2017


Secret Summer - Short Story #1.5

Violet Archer can't believe her luck. Her gorgeous new boyfriend is whisking her off on a romantic sun-drenched getaway!

Well, not quite. There'll definitely be sun. But there'll also be a advertising shoot, a film crew, their eccentric best friend, Max, and one of the senior partners of their new ad agency. Oh, and of course, the teeny tiny issue that Violet's boyfriend is her best friend and soon-to-be boss, Ethan Fraser, and if anyone finds out they're together, he'll be fired.

In the Santorini sunshine, can Ethan and Violet pull off a successful shoot, keep their secret hidden, and still find time for a little bit of summer sizzle?


Released May 15th 2018.


The Hen Weekend - Short Story #4.5

Coming Christmas 2019



The Agency Series - Box Sets

New to The Agency Series? Enjoy a discount by buying box sets of three novels at a time!

The Agency - Part One

Included in this box set are the following novels:

1. Just Friends

2. It's Complicated

3. Second Chance


Released June 28th 2019.

When We Were Young Series


Freja is a live-for-the-moment kind of girl. She knows who she is and what she wants, and what she wants is to be a world-famous actress, drink a lot of cocktails, and enjoy all the fabulousness life in LA has to offer. She’s not looking for love. She’s been there, done that, and left the T-shirt behind in Denmark.

But then she meets Nate Klein, and suddenly Freja wonders if she really does know what she wants. She obviously wants his delicious body, but maybe, just maybe, she wants something more…

Nate is handsome, funny, kind - everything Freja could ask for. But his father is a wealthy, powerful man. A man who is determined that the heir to his empire will not end up with a part-time waitress who wants to be a movie star. And he will stop at nothing to get his way.


Read the first chapter HERE.

Released August 17th 2018.


Late 2019