Full Name: Maximilian Otto Ludwig Wolf

Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany, 1981

Address: Atlantic Road, Brixton, London SW9

Love Interest: none

Parents: Johann Wolf, Martina Wolf

Siblings: Hedda Dertinger, Manfried Wolf

Other Family: Noah Dertinger (nephew), Gunther (cat)

Education: Berlin (1999-2003), UCL (2003-2005

Current Workplace: Tribe Advertising (senior designer)

Former Workplaces: Barrett McAllan Gray (graphic designer)

Favourite Food: cold meat, salami, Serrano ham, Polish biscuits, avocadoes

Favourite Drinks: caramel ale, craft ale, fruity beer

Favourite Music: Euro dance / trance / techno / house

Favourite Movie: Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan

Likes & Interests: home brewing, curing meat, Batman, DC comics, fine art, modern art, making model planes, smoking pot, mini toiletries from hotels

Dislikes: peaches

Personality: The “Advocate” – artistic, quirky and cautious

Temperament: Water, with a bit of Air

Politics: no interest

Style: hip-hoppy with an eccentric (often borderline criminal) edge



Just Friends (Agency Book 1)

Secret Summer (Agency Short Story 1.5)

It’s Complicated (Agency Book 2)

Perfect Christmas (Agency Short Story 2.5)

The Hen Weekend (Agency Novella 5)

Dream Wedding (Agency Book 6) – COMING SOON!