Full Name: Jack Ronald Sherwood

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA, 1989

Address: East 66th Street, Upper East Side, New York City

Love Interest: Mia Brown

Parents: Walter Sherwood, Mallory Appleton-Sherwood

Siblings: Tom Sherwood, Logan Sherwood, Kitty Sherwood-Zuckerman, Rob Sherwood, Mason Sherwood, Summer Sherwood

Other Family: Avery Lutz (ex-wife), Jean Fallon (grandmother), Asher Zuckerman (brother-in-law), Noah Zuckerman (nephew)

Education: Juilliard School (2006-2009)

Current Workplace: Big World Studios (actor – Trauma NYC)

Former Workplaces: various acting jobs

Favourite Food: Caribbean

Favourite Drink: Beer

Favourite Music: Movie themes, 1980s cheesy soft rock

Favourite Movie: Top Gun

Likes & Interests: Caribbean vacations, beach holidays, barbecues, surfing

Dislikes: the “Celebrity Scene”, fake people

Personality: The “Protector” – sensitive, supportive and selfless

Temperament: Air

Politics: US Democrat

Style: hipster – relaxed and carefree (when not in a tux)



When Jack Met Mia (Studio Novella 1) POV Character

My Superstar Best Friend’s Divorce (Studio Book 2) – COMING SOON!