Full Name: Freja Ingiborg Larsen

Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark, 1981

Address: Ballast Quay, Greenwich, London SE10

Love Interest: Nate Klein

Parents: Hans Larsen, Silje Tayot-Gerard

Siblings: Sara Vastergaard

Other Family: Alberte Larsen (aunt), Trine Vastergaard (niece), Per Christiansen (ex-husband)

Education: Uppsala (1999-2002), UCLA (2005-2007)

Current Workplace: Tribe Advertising (film production director)

Former Workplaces: acting jobs in Copenhagen / LA, Cosmic Diner (waitress), Diablo Brown (film producer)

Favourite Food: health food (anything with chickpeas), bananas, banana cake, potato soup with nettles, seafood

Favourite Drinks: coffee, mojito cocktails

Favourite Music: Ministry of Sound, Abba

Favourite Movie: Gone with the Wind

Likes & Interests: old movies, Minions, high heels, the Little Mermaid, yellow daisies, yoga, drinking / clubbing, Roadrunner cartoons, jogging

Dislikes: fizzy water, people she can’t read

Personality: The “Protagonist” – spontaneous, empathetic and fun-loving

Temperament: Air, with a bit of Water

Politics: green, left-wing

Style: chic and professional (prefers monochrome colours)



It’s Complicated (Agency Book 2)

Perfect Christmas (Agency Short Story 2.5)

Second Chance (Agency Book 3) POV Character

Forever You (Agency Book 4)

The Hen Weekend (Agency Novella 5)

Dream Wedding (Agency Book 6) – COMING SOON!

Freja (When We Were Young) POV Character