Full Name: Ethan Archibald Fraser

Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland, 23rd January 1984

Address: Dufours Place, Soho, London W1F

Love Interest: Violet Archer

Parents: Duncan Fraser, Kirsty Cleary

Siblings: Rory Fraser, Esme Cleary

Other Family: Howard Cleary (stepfather)

Education: University College London (2002-2005)

Current Workplace: Tribe Advertising (junior managing partner)

Former Workplaces: Barrett McAllan Gray (art director)

Favourite Food: burgers

Favourite Drinks: whisky, craft ale

Favourite Music: Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, Coldplay

Favourite Movie: Jurassic Park

Likes & Interests: playing guitar, making Youtube covers, Jaguar XK8, dinosaurs, running (slowly)

Dislikes: science fiction, museums, anything artsy, vegan food

Personality: The “Champion” – energetic, charming and outgoing

Temperament: Air, with a bit of Fire

Politics: little interest, would vote SNP if he lived in Scotland

Style: moto man – grungy rock star (corporate on weekdays)



Always You (Agency Short Story 0.5POV Character

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Secret Summer (Agency Short Story 1.5)

It’s Complicated (Agency Book 2)

Perfect Christmas (Agency Short Story 2.5) POV Character

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Dream Wedding (Agency Book 6) – COMING SOON!