S JuddFull Name: Stella Star Judd

Year Born: 1968

Birthplace: Fulham, London, UK

Nationality: English

Current Address: Paulton’s Square, Chelsea, London, UK

Relationship Status: Divorced

Former Relationships: Alastair McGrath; Phillip Lovett; Dylan Best; Remy Cartier; Tim Collins

Parents: Anthony & Liv Judd

Siblings: Flora Amory

Education: Durham (BA)

Work History: Junior Art Director & Art Director @ Barrett McAllan Gray; Art Director & Creative Director @ BigDigital New York; Head of Creative Services @ Barrett McAllan Gray; CEO / Senior Partner @ Tribe

Personality: The Commander

Books: Just Friends; It’s Complicated

Quotes: “People have been throwing bricks at my head ever since I left BMG and set up Tribe. I trusted my partners and directors would pick up those bricks and help me build something awesome with them. But, so far you haven’t picked any bricks up. Instead, you’ve landed half a derelict building site at my feet.”