Full Name: Stella Star Judd

Birthplace: Fulham, London, 1968

Address: Paulton’s Square, Chelsea, London SW3

Love Interest: none

Parents: Anthony Judd, Liv Judd

Siblings: Flora Robertson

Other Family: Alistair McGrath, Phillip Lovett, Remy Cartier & Tim Collins (ex-husbands)

Education: Durham (1986-1989)

Current Workplace: Tribe Advertising (CEO)

Former Workplaces: Barrett McAllan Gray (art director), Big Digital New York (creative director), Barrett McAllan Gray (head of creative services)

Favourite Food: haute cuisine, burgers

Favourite Drinks: gin, red wine

Favourite Music: Janis Joplin

Favourite Movie: Thelma and Louise

Likes & Interests: smoking, drinking, workaholic-ing

Dislikes: the patriarchy

Personality: The “Commander” – forceful, ambitious and dominant

Temperament: Fire (pure red). The director

Style: corporate – exclusively designer labels



Just Friends (Agency Book 1)

It’s Complicated (Agency Book 2)

Forever You (Agency Book 4)