M WolfFull Name: Maximilian Otto Ludwig Wolf

Year Born: 1981

Birthplace: near Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

Nationality: German

Current Address: Atlantic Road, Brixton, London, UK

Relationship Status: Single

Former Relationships: Tracie Hall

Parents: Johann & Martina Wolf

Siblings: Hedda Hummels & Manfried Wolf

Education: Berlin (BA); UCL (Post Grad)

Work History: Junior Designer & Graphic Designer @ Barrett McAllan Gray; Senior Designer @ Tribe

Personality: The Artist

Books: Just Friends; It’s Complicated; Secret Summer

Quotes: “Just promise me one thing. Don’t let him change you. I couldn’t bear that. I didn’t know what a friend was until I met you and I love you just the way you are – including all the weird, wonky, wrong bits.”

“I’m going nowhere and I love you. All of you. Ethan’s problem is he just can’t love the way you do. He isn’t made the same way.”

“Listen to what he doesn’t say.”

“You’re too special for just anybody. You need to fall in love with someone who makes you thankful you are who you are, because who you are is amazing.”

“You can’t move a mountain if you just sit on your arse staring at the fucking thing.”