F LarsenFull Name: Freja Ingeborg Larsen

Year Born: 1981

Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark

Nationality: Danish

Current Address: Ballast Quay, Greenwich, London, UK

Relationship Status: Divorced

Former Relationships: Per Christiansen; Logan Brown; Nate Klein; Richie Robbins; Harry Hopkins; Pascal Tremblay

Parents: Hans Larsen & Silje Tayot-Gerard

Siblings: Sara Vastergaard

Education: Uppsala (BA); UCLA (Masters)

Work History: Actress; Waitress; Film Producer @ Diablo Brown; Film Production Director @ Tribe 

Personality: The Champion

Books: It’s Complicated; Freja

Quotes: “My life amounts to a mishmash of unpredictable and spontaneous events interlinked with chaos. I don’t know where I’m going until I get there, but the journey is where I find the excitement, not the destination. You find out who you are when you throw yourself into a gigantic mess and let it all unravel into something wonderful.”

“We’re going to be friends. I can feel it in the part of my heart which has a huge squishy soft spot for crazy people.”

“You don’t know me yet, but I’m a giver. That’s totally at the top of my skill set. I’m a giver of acceptance, a giver of strength and a giver of the most unbelievably awesome nights out.”

“Now you need to get out there and be your own hero. Embrace what you’ve learned about yourself and keep going.”

“I’m saying you found someone who truly gets you. Ethan was never just a friend or a colleague or a guy who was nice to you. He loves you. He understands you as if you were part of him. When he tells you he doesn’t want to lose you, you need to listen and you need to believe him. There’s no ‘could haves’ or ‘shouldn’ts’ or ‘what ifs’, there’s only the fact that he is in love with you. If he’s the one, you can’t let him go. No matter how complicated you think your relationship is, hang on to him. Throw your arms around him and hold him tight until neither one of you can breathe.”

“This is life. All you have to do is breathe and believe. Everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to, you’ll see.”