Full Name: Georgiana Ottilia Velvet Ravencroft

Birthplace: (near) Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, 1980

Address: Park Road, Bromley, BR1

Love Interest: Mitchell Butler

Parents: Bertram Ravencroft, Cordelia Ravencroft

Siblings: Andromeda (Andi) Pruitt-Fox, Euphemia (Phee) Ravencroft, Clementine (Clem) Carruthers

Other Family: Seb Pruitt-Fox & Olly Carruthers (brothers-in-law), Barden Pruitt-Fox & Sidney Ravencroft (nephews), Wren Pruitt-Fox, Margo Carruthers & Sylvie Carruthers (nieces)

Education: Oxford (1998-2001), Surrey (2002-2004)

Current Workplace: Tribe Advertising (studio manager)

Former Workplaces: Medecins sans Frontieres (volunteer), Chat magazine (photographer), Diablo Brown (production artist), Unicef (location photographer)

Favourite Food: African, gastropub

Favourite Drinks: gin

Favourite Music: 1980s, Take That

Favourite Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Likes & Interests: photography, Gustav Klimt, Harry Potter, socialism

Dislikes: high heels, train travel, cold, snow, winter sports, being posh

Personality: The “Performer” – creative, talkative and warm

Temperament: Water

Politics: socialist (champagne variety), left-wing

Style: vintage – unique and individual



It’s Complicated (Agency Book 2)

Perfect Christmas (Agency Short Story 2.5)

Second Chance (Agency Book 3)

The Hen Weekend (Agency Novella 5)

Dream Wedding (Agency Book 6)

Freja (When We Were Young)