V ArcherFull Name: Violet Elizabeth Archer

Year Born: 1984

Birthplace: near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

Nationality: English

Current Address: Princess Road, Kilburn, London, UK

Relationship Status: Engaged

Former Relationships: Ryan Rafferty; Stuart Inman; Ethan Fraser

Parents: Clive & Louise Archer

Siblings: Laurel Archer

Education: Cambridge (BA); Harvard (Masters)

Work History: Junior Copywriter @ BEST Inc. New York; Copywriter @ Barrett McAllan Gray; Creative Director @ Tribe

Personality: The Thinker

Books: Just Friends; Always You; It’s Complicated; Secret Summer

Quotes: “This is what happens to a person who has always heard they don’t measure up. As a child I was told I should be more outgoing, more talkative, more friendly, more open and more like everybody else. But I wasn’t, and people taking my guardedness for coldness, pride for arrogance, is something I’ve learned to live with. That’s one of the reasons I stopped trying to make friends. Finding people who like me just as I am is too difficult a search.”

“I waited three years for something I thought would never happen. Then, when it did, I couldn’t enjoy it because I felt I didn’t deserve you.”

“Why can’t I hate him for hurting me? Is it possible to love someone too much that they can’t hurt you, no matter how hard they try?”

“I hate feeling like this. Violet Archer does not worry about what people think of her. She’s chilled and confident and courageous, remember? Although I usually despise my frosty nickname, I’d much rather be Violet, the aloof office Snow Queen, than Violet, the fragile office drama queen.”

“I want to tell him that despite having a best friend, I’m lonely. I am totally and desperately lonely because I think I’ve fallen in love with him, but I don’t think he can love me back.”

“‘For the three years I’ve known you, you’ve been addicted to making random women fall in love with you. How didn’t you notice that the woman you’ve spent every day of your life with had fallen in love with you too?”