Abbreviation Guide (chronological):

F = Freja

AY = Always You

JF = Just Friends

SS = Secret Summer

IC = It’s Complicated

SC = Second Chance

FY = Forever You

HW = Hen Weekend

SRRC = School Run Reject Club

JF = Character has a main role

JF = Character has a supporting role

JF = Character appears briefly

jf = Character appears briefly with minimal interaction


Aaron Goodwin

CEO at Pixelate, Freja’s friend

Agnes LundFreja’s friendFY
Alex BrownParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Alberte LarsenFreja’s auntFY
Alyssa Brooks-RobbinsModel, Richie’s wifejf
Amelia EarhartFreja’s dad’s goosefy
Amelie RocheAssistant at Belle Oaksic
Amy StefanidisReceptionist at Tribeic
Anais TremauxPublic Relations Manager at TribeSC
Angela DanielsParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
AngusEthan’s mum’s dogss
Aron GellerComputer Programmer at BuzzPayfy
Sir Arthur LovettExecutive Chairman at TribeIC, fy
Athina PapadelisModelss
Belinda SaundersParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Belle OaksCEO at Belle OaksIC
Benjamin KleinNate’s nephewfy
Beth MahdaviParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Bianca MorettiMarketing Manager (ex-Creative) at Tribeic
Billie MoonProduction Assistant at TribeSC
Brett KirkmanChief Strategist at Klein & Cof, SC
Carly HayesMarketing Assistant at Quest RetailJF
Carrie CrawfordParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Chip SummersMake-up Artistjf
Wu ChongCEO at Baifu Technologyfy
Christy LedererMake-up Artist at Twilight Film StudiosF
Claire LewisParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Clem CarruthersJournalist at Hi! magazine, Georgie’s sisterFY
Cosmo HinesDesigner at TribeIC
Sir Cuthbert AshbyFounder & Technical Director at Klein & Cof
Daniel NobleJunior Managing Partner at TribeJF, IC, fy
Dara WilliamsCommercial Director at Thorne Leisureay
Darius DoukakisCamera Operator at Vista Worldwide (Greece)ss
Darren “Daz” TannerParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Lady Davina KleinCEO at Davina & Aubrey, Nate’s stepmotherfy
Dawn RobertsJournalist at Beasley GazetteSRRC
Delfina GatesModel, Ridley’s wifeJF
Derrick DenhamFreja’s neighbourSC
Diego VegaCreative Director at Barrett McAllan GrayAY
Dylan BestCEO at BEST Advertisingjf
Esme ClearyEthan’s half-sisterSS
Ethan FraserManaging Partner at TribeAY, JF, SS, IC, SC, FY, HW
Euan MorrisAudio Mixer at Tribesc
Evelyn Ashby-LedgerNate’s ex-fianceef
Frank HughesCopywriter at TribeSC
Freja LarsenFilm Production Director at TribeF, IC, SC, FY, HW
Gabriel DiazExecutive Assistant at TribeJF, IC
Georgie RavencroftStudio Manager at TribeF, IC, SC, HW
Gordon McCraeEditor at Beasley GazetteSRRC
Griff GriffithsManaging Director at BuzzPayFY
Hans LarsenFreja’s dadFY
Harry HopkinsCreative Director at TribeIC, SC
Heloise FergusonBusiness Advisor and Legal Counsel at BuzzPayFY
Howard ClearyEthan’s stepfatherSS
Ida FrandsenFreja’s friendfy
Imogen BlanchardAccount Handler at Morgan Stanley, Nate’s friendFY
Irene GilbertSchool Support Officer at Beasley County Councilsrrc
J. J. SachsFreja’s friendF
Jack ShipleyIT Helpdesk Technician at Barrett McAllan Grayjf
Jadine ClarkJunior Film Producer at TribeIC, SC
Park Jae-kwangMarketing Director at Sunta (UK)jf, ic
Janet DankworthHead Teacher at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Jared TaftCEO at JET Financialic
Jo GibbsParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Joseph ReedNaomi’s son, Pupil at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Joshua KleinNate’s nephewFY
Julia HinckleyExecutive Advisor at Klein & CoSC
Juliette MarceauMax’s Tinder dateHW
Hong Jun-heeCEO at Sunta (Global)FY
Go Kang-sikCEO at Tribe (Asia & Pacific)fy
Kasper FrandsenFreja’s friendFY
Kelly RussoParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Kenneth IvesCEO at Helios Villas, Senior Partner at TribeSS
Kevin ConroyCEO at KTechSC
Kimberly KleinNate’s sister-in-lawFY
Kirsty ClearyEthan’s mumSS
Kris BergCamera Operator at TribeSC
Kwame AgbekoProduction Runner at TribeSC
Lennox JacksonSenior Account Manager at TribeSC
Lord Leonard KleinCEO at Klein & Co, Nate’s dadF, SCFY
Lexi GrantFilm ActressSC
Lindsey ScottParent at Hawthorn PrimarySSRC
 Lorna LandersCEO at FCL Media, Chairperson at BuzzPayFY
Lucas BartleManaging Director at TribeIC
Lucille MonroeExecutive Assistant at TribeJF, IC, SC
Madeline WestgateSenior Account Manager at TribeSC, HW
Malcolm BarrettCEO at Barrett McAllan GrayJF
Marek MedvedMax’s friendJF
Marge BergerAssistant Director at Twilight Film Studiosf
Marian FernsbyCarrie’s AuntSRRC
Max WolfSenior Designer at TribeJF, SS, IC, sc, HW
Song MeiSoftware Engineer at BuzzPayfy
Mette JensenFreja’s friendFY
Miguel FloresCamera Operator at Twilight Film StudiosF
Milla ChristiansenFreja’s friendfy
Milly BrownAlex’s daughter, Pupil at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Naomi ReedParent at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Natalia SalnikovaArt Director at TribeSC
Nate KleinSenior Partner at TribeF, SC, FY
Neil DawsonFilm Producer at TribeSC
Nico KonstantinouActorSS
Nigel BentleyMarketing Director at Thorne LeisureAY
Patrick GraingerCEO at Grainger Dowd, Investor at Tribefy
Peggy CarrChildminder at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Penny PiperDesigner at Tribeic
Per ChristiansenFreja’s ex-husbandFY
Peter WangComputer Programmer at BuzzPayFY
Peyton GillisFreja’s roomieF
Phee RavencroftBarrister, Georgie’s sisterFY
Phillip LovettClient Services Director at Tribeic
Pinkie PinkertonCopywriter at TribeJF, ic
Polly JordanLine Producer at Tribesc
Priyanka SharmaReceptionist at Tribeic, SC
Quentin HibbardCEO at Quest RetailJF
Rachel HartFilm Producer at TribeSC
Rajiv PatelSoftware Engineer at BuzzPayfy
Ras MollerFreja’s friendFY
Reed McHaleFilm Director at Twilight Film StudiosF
Richie RobbinsActor, Freja’s roomie & ex-boyfriendF
Ridley GatesHead of Client Services at Barrett McAllan GrayJF
Riley GillisFreja’s roomie’s daughterF
Rory FraserMusic Supervisor at Tribe, Ethan’s brotherSS, SC
Ruby SloanJunior Copywriter at TribeIC
Rufus KleinNate’s half-brotherfy
Ryan RaffertyHead of Strategy at Best Advertising, Violet’s exIC
Sadie FisherAccount Manager at Barrett McAllan Grayay
Sam KleinCEO at Cask & Cork, Nate’s brotherF, SC, FY
Sandy GrozaExecutive Assistant at Klein & CoF, sc
Sara VastergaardFreja’s sisterFY
SkagenFreja’s dad’s dogfy
Skye PetersCostume & Make-up Supervisor at TribeSC
Sophie PageAccount Executive at TribeSC
Stavros AlexopoulosManaging Director at Vista Worldwide (Greece)SS
Stella JuddCEO at TribeJF, IC, FY
Stevo SimmsMotion Graphics Supervisor at TribeIC
Stuart InmanMarketing Manager at Quest RetailJF
Tamara LockwoodSenior Account Manager at TribeIC
Thomas CrawfordCarrie’s son, Pupil at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Todd WarnerActorF
Tom VanceArt Director at TribeIC
Tony ZorbasFilm Technician at Vista Worldwide (Greece)ss
Tonya DrewZoe’s frienday
Travis BeckProject Manager at BuzzPayFY
Trine VastergaardFreja’s niecefy
Vikram PatelReception Teacher at Hawthorn PrimarySRRC
Violet ArcherCreative Director at TribeAY, JF, SS, IC, SC, HW
Virginia Farmer-CookNate’s stepsisterfy
Wendy SmithSenior Post Producer at TribeJF
Will ThorntonSenior Art Director at TribeJF, IC
Yaseera KhanParent at Hawthorn PrimarySSRC
Gong YinyinPersonal Assistant at BuzzPayFY
Zain HaddadFilm Producer at Tribesc
Zoe CallaghanExecutive Assistant at Barrett McAllan GrayAY, JF