Full Name: Ethan Archibald FraserE Fraser

Year Born: 1984

Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Nationality: Scottish

Current Address: Dufours Place, Soho, London, UK

Relationship Status: Engaged

Former Relationships: Tamara Lockwood; Jadine Clark; Erin Leadbitter; Jenny Davis; Pamela Waite; Kiki Sato; Zoe Callaghan; Carly Hayes; Violet Archer

Parents: Duncan Fraser & Kirsty Cleary

Siblings: Rory Fraser & Esme Cleary

Education: UCL (BA)

Work History: Creative Assistant, Junior Art Director & Art Director @ Barrett McAllan Gray; Managing Partner @ Tribe

Personality: The Performer

Books: Just Friends; Always You; It’s Complicated; Secret Summer

Quotes: “We’ve all got dark inside of us, Vi. All of us. You said that to me once before, so you know that too. But I don’t care about your dark because I only see your light.”

“I love you just as you are, and I always have. I fell in love with you because you don’t follow the rules. You’re you and you’re brilliant and beautiful and my god, never apologise for being you. Never.”

“I look at who I am now, and all I see is someone who’s been going from place to place, person to person, hoping I’ll find something I like along the way. And then this week I realised that while I was doing all that, you were always there – by my side – with me.”

“It’s never been difficult to love you. You think it is, but it isn’t. Even when you’re being a total pain in the arse, I still love you. So what if other people are too blind to appreciate how amazing you are. And yeah, maybe, you need a little bit more effort, but that’s a good thing. It means only the best people end up loving you.”

“You may have cracks in places, but you’re not broken. We all have cracks and that’s just fucking life. Cracks show your strength. They show you’ve been battered and tossed around a bit, but you didn’t break. And you know what? No matter how much you try to glue yourself back together or paint over your cracks, they’ll always be there because they’re part of you.”

“It’s up to us, Vi. We have the power to stop our story ending in a cliffhanger. We both deserve our happy ever after.”