Welcome to the official website of women's fiction author Elizabeth Grey, writing cross genre contemporary romance, rom-com and "chick lit" novels that will make you laugh - and sob - out loud.

The Agency and When We Were Young novel series focus on the lives of five kickass women working in a fictional London advertising agency. Join Violet, Freja, Georgie, Nancy and Emma as they make catastrophic mistakes, learn invaluable lessons, find (and lose) at love and forge friendship bonds that will last a lifetime.

Elizabeth Grey's novels can be read as standalones, but are best read in order. She has created an entire universe filled with inspiring heroines, engaging heroes, hilarious sidekicks, heinous villains and an ever-changing kaleidoscope of outrageous clients.

If you enjoy reading about go-getting women who are setting their world alight, despite having a lot to learn, then Elizabeth Grey's novels will be perfect for you.

Agency 1 Just FriendsAgency 0.5 - Always YouAgency 2 It's Complicated
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Short Story
Freja Violet

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